Who we are at Siren


December Carson (owner, booking, publicity, management) december@sirenmusiccompany.com


Jesse Emmerson (publicist, office genius) jesse@sirenmusiccompany.com
The Siren Music Company is a totally independent national music booking,publicity and management firm located in Portland, Oregon.

The Siren Music Company is a partnership formed in 1997 by a publicist with 9 years experience in the music industry and a booking agent with over 8 years of national touring booking experience. Together they created a unique business that caters to the careers and needs of individual musicians and bands. Some Siren bands require only one of our services while others require all of them.

The Siren Music Company is now owned and operated by December Carson (founder). We now have a full time staff of 4 people. We currently work with 16 national and international touring acts.