STOP. Think for just a moment. When was the last time you heard an album that MEANT SOMETHING? Or at least, you thought it did? You may have to go digging digging back through your old stacks of vinyl for such an oddity, but when you find it, you will say aaaaah, right-o! and smile knowingly that it belongs in your collection.

UHF's LOTTERY is perhaps such an album. Written in the grand tradition of concept albums such as the Pretty Things' S.F. Sorrow, The Kinks' Village Green Preservation Society, The Who's Sell Out, and the Small Faces' Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake, LOTTERY is more than the sum of its parts. Yes, pick a number, any number; each song stands on its own two feet. But put them all together, and you have a single unified statement.  Go ahead, listen from start to finish . . . the way you used to listen to an album, the way it's meant to be heard. It's an an album about where you've been. About where you're going. About old friends and new jobs. About lucky winners and listless losers. About the cool kids you looked up to in school, and how they became the adults you always hated.

A little bit of background: Formed in late 1997, this Portland, Oregon quartet has garnered a surging live following and critical raves. Their debut CD, Pieces, lived in the top ten of the Portland Oregonian's Bestselling Northwest Bands chart for six weeks, and appeared in The Rocket's NW top 20 for six weeks as well, nestled in with the likes of Elliott Smith, Pearl Jam, and Built To Spill.  The band has played the North by Northwest Music Conference two years running, where their live experience was singled out by the press as a must-see event.


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