Mike Johnson is Reclinerland.

His second album, out now on Expanding Brooklyn Records, finds itself with more of the pleading, arching melodies prevalent on his first album. The listener is tossed back and forth from angst-ridden power pop to tender sweet melodies.

Reclinerland (Expanding Brooklyn)

-This debut from ex-American Girls self-proclaimed "bedroom composer" Michael G. Johnsonis a personal album of comtemplative songs presented in a variety of sophisticated musical shapes. Accompanied by an expressive mix of instrumentation-johnson is most effective with just his acoustic guitar and poetic lyrics- Johnson boldy addresses his Beatles influence, backed by a live string trio, on "Venezuela (Hating Trains)." he even tosses in a lazy cover of "Baby You're a Rich Man." if Johnson wasn't so melodically mature, many of his songs would drown in self indugence, but he offers too many beautifully crafted moments and elegant sweeps of acoustic and electric guitars ("Two Contortionists") to make believe he is anything but a genuinely gifted singer/songwriter. There's a wide selection of songs to choose from, and many reveal ne folds to his artistic personality.
- CMJ New Music Report.



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