Ponticello wants to push the bounds of roots/rock music. Taking aspects of rock, ambient and electronic music and mixing them with gypsy, bluegrass and celtic, Ponticello has produced an emotionally compelling debut album, Dark Skies. In a live setting, Ponticello takes a room and makes it jump, and have utilized that talent to go from local favorites of the Northwest to a national touring act in just six short months. Their constant touring, along with the critically acclaimed Dark Skies, has garnered them a great deal of attention in the music world lately, and they have been in contact with Vanguard/Sugar Hill and Oh Boy Records. In addition to Dark Skies, Ponticello will be featured on a world music album put out by Alhambra in Seattle.


booking: Chris Funk (funkchris@hotmail.com)
publicity: December Carson (December Carson)

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