Pamela Means
Why go see Miss Means?
Pamela Means is arguably the only Boston-based, Out folkie whose punchy political songs have worn a hole in her guitar. As her latest song "Two Halves" boasts, there is indeed more than one side of Pamela Means. She is aggressive, bold, and attacking. She is shy, humble, and if it need be said, adorable. She is biracial. She is queer. She doesn't like Bush.

     Pamela Means's "kamikaze guitar style, politically-charged lyrics, and funky 'fro" are all her own. Fittingly, Means has made a habit of quoting one of her deepest inspirations, Audre Lorde. "...I am myself- a Black woman warrior poet doing my work- come to ask you, are you doing yours?"

     Do not miss an opportunity to join Pamela Means with her holey guitar at a venue near you.

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