Los Mex Pistols del Norte


Los Mex Pistols del Norte take the stage, clad all in black with ammo belts slung across their shoulders, and hover over an array of traditional latin instruments, gitarrón, accordian, tympani, farfisa organ, before exploding into a fiery set of mariachi, norteña, surf and terero music. The Pistols music thunders off stage, percussion and drums crash about as crisp trumpets soar overhead. Guitar and bass roll in and about the pounding rhythms, alternating between growling riffs and rollicking, fingerpicked melodies. In the moments between playing, the Pistols paw, spit and eye the audience, until lead guitarist Bruce Hartnell roars out the next song and Los Mex Pistols Del Norte blaze into action again. Lead by Hartnell, former guitar-slinger for L.A. punk band, The Detonators, the Eugene, Oregon based septet is made up entirely of west coast punk-rockers who came together initially just for a good time, playing music that interested them. However, response to Los Mex Pistols has been staggering, and for the last three years, the Pistols have been taking the ethic and attitude of their punk rock years and focusing it into their exciting brand of south-of-the-border dance music.



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