Lael Alderman

Lael Alderman, a passionate and aggressive singer/songwriter, knows well the chaotic nature of the music industry, especially for being so young, just 25 years old. Starting out in coffee shops while going to college in Eugene, OR, Lael released his debut album, Slowdrag, to such great reception on the West Coast that it resulted in a song on the soundtrack to Permanent Midnight and a major-label deal with Geffen/DGC Records. However, Geffen was absorbed by Interscope and most of their acts were dropped, including Lael. Not to be discouraged, Lael tarried on by forming the Loved, and releasing his second album, Diary, another critical standout, that showcases his witty and eloquent lyrics and lilting melodies.


  • Lael Alderman is currently touring solo and will be returning to the recording studio this summer.

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