The Decemberists


The Decemberists Featuring Colin Meloy

The Decemberists began modestly enough in the fall of 2000 when erstwhile Missoulian Colin Meloy began assembling a cast of characters to inhabit and perform around his ponderous song catalogue. A chance meeting led him to a Mr. Ezra Holbrook, who, while carrying on a respectable solo singer songwriter career of his own, had had the chance over the years to learn a thing or two on the drumkit in a number of local outfits and thereby afforded himself that dilettante lifestyle of which so many of us can only dream: life without a day job. Serendipity would have it that they both enjoyed a good Elvis Costello record-listen from time to time and a musical kinship was born. Owing again to chance, this unlikely pair fell into the company of a certain Mr. Nate Query, who played the upright bass, and the Mam'selle Jenny Conlee, who happened to be a classically trained pianist with a penchant for an accordion trill or two. Adopting the moniker of the Decemberists, the quartet quickly endeared themselves to critics and fans alike with their sweet melodic pop sensibilities and Meloy's bookish plangent lyrical pennings. Drawing comparisons to Belle and Sebastian (but a bit dirtier) and Neutral Milk Hotel (but quite a bit more poppy), their lovable brand of pop earnestly explores exotic storylines with uncanny characters and bookish vernacular: all seersuckers and suspenders, love and folly, bandits and legionnaires.

Having finally finalized their fetching line-up with the addition of pedal steel and theremin player Chris Funk, the group recorded a five song ep (for which the liner notes are here made available) and are now in the process of recording their first full length record, which is to be available from Hush Records in May of 2002.

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