David Andrews


David Andrews - Get Me Out of This Place marks the second recording by David Andrews: co-founder and singer/songwriter for the popular Portland Oregon-based band Calobo. David Andrews is a songwriter who takes inspiration from the music he grew up with in the 1970's on Orcas island Washington. Songwriters such as Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne and bands like Fleetwood Mac and the Eagles inspire Andrew's songs. These songs reflect a clear pop-writing sensibility while still offering a dynamic range of both moods and sounds throughout the record.

  • "Laid-back, confident, and catchy... here, (Andrews) shows off his intuitive understanding of popular song writing, understated guitar playing, Bob Seger-ish voice, and exploratory, humble lyrics, complete with a few well-worn cliches for that home down feel...a simple pleasure." - The Rocket Magazine


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