The Coup


The Coup just may be the greatest, angriest, most militant hip-hop act on the scene today. Having dropped three brilliant albums on the world in the last 10 years, the Coup are still hungry and angry as fuck. The Coup's third release, Steal This Album, has been receiving rave review, and with little to no radio play, still sold 80,000 copies and put the band on the front end of Puff Daddy's European Tour.

Here's what critics are saying:

" . . . a masterpiece of slow rolling west coast funk."
- Rolling Stone

"Hands down, this is the hip hop album of the year."
- URB Magazine

"Their most conceptually unified, musically funkdafied, lyrically hellafied record to date . . . "
- Blaze Magazine

The Coup will be touring the United States this year in support of Steal This Album.

Booking Agent. Chris Funk.

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