New Artist Submissions

Thank you for your interest in our agency. With respect to booking representation we are not currently accepting any new artist packages, as the reality of our situation is that we are so busy working on behalf of our current clients we do not have time to listen to artist submissions which are sent in.

Our agency has built itself by supporting independent artists, and selecting those who we feel are an appropriate match to our roster. Making the decision to sign someone is a time consuming and very involved process for us. We maintain a roster representative of both established and developing artists, with our criteria remaining to sign artists when we feel we can give them the attention they deserve.

We appreciate your interest in The Siren Music Company, and wish you the best of luck with your touring career.

Some considerations when signing a new artist are, but are not limited to, the following criteria .

  • Do we have room on our roster. We maintain a roster of established as well as developing artists. We need to maintain a balance. We also have limited time and resources and will not sign an artist unless we can give them the attention they deserve.
  • Will they fit in with our roster in terms of the type of music they do. Our primary focus is Americana/Roots Music, Alt-country Bands and Contemporary Singer/Songwriters.
  • Does the artist have management, a record label, a publicist etc?
  • Does the artist have a touring history: local, regional, national?
  • Is there a buzz? Are we hearing about the artist from other sources, such as, promoters, artists on our roster, record labels etc? This may be the most important factor.