Caleb Klauder

With the release of his first solo record Sings Out! in the Fall of 2000 Caleb Klauder established himself as an outstanding Americana singer and songwriter. He has since assembled a powerful and talented 5 piece band that is captivating audiences wherever they perform. The band includes Caleb Klauder on lead vocals and guitar, Jenny Conlee (Decemberists) on piano and accordian. Jesse Emerson (Amelia, Decemberists) on bass, Lewi Longmire on lead guitar and Chris Hutton on drums. The Caleb Klauder Band creates a unique sound that is a mix of folk, country and rock pulled together with Caleb's rich, soulful voice and his amazing songwriting. This band has its roots firmly in Americana and the energy they create on stage has been compared to The Band and Neil Young with Crazy Horse.

Caleb Klauder
turns out to be asinger-songwriter with a rich country-flavored voice that sounds like Townes Van Zandt one minute and Doug Sahm the next. His simple (but not simpleminded) honkytonk ditties could easily coax half the bar into that city cowboy shuffling-waltz thing they call dancing these days."
Willamette Week
Caleb Klauder's Five Piece rock Band has been touring to glowing reviews from folks who can't help but think of Neil Young and Crazy Horse when the band kicks in."
- The Oregonian

Sings Out! was produced by his long time friend and collaborator, Luther Russell. His songs have been compared to those of Steve Earle, Bob Dylan and Neil Young. This record showcases Caleb's refreshing songwriting style and unique voice as well as his talent as mandolin player. Sings Out! acts a showcase for Caleb's various musical influences starting with rock music and branching out to traditional and old-time. The record is tied together with Caleb's rich and powerful voice.  Caleb is also one of the founding members the band Calobo who has toured the United States selling out 1000 + venues for the last 8 years.

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